Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Lady Lady"

my new forever21 black sleek dress, my forever21 purple pumps, and a scarf from Africa my dad got me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

make-up and red bean bag chairs!

Bobbi Brown makeup is pretty much amazing!

Ella Blue rose vintage tee, NYCompany shorts and my sisters red bean bag chair!

"When a heart breaks, it doesnt break even."

*a top i got at the beach, my Forever21 shorts *
soooooo todayyy! i went to school, registered, saw some amazing people i adore, and then signed up for a million clubs and thennnnnnn...it gets better.....i went to apply at some cute boutiques and shops! I applied at Lily Pulitzer, a bath and body works sorta shop and at Forever21 ! I scored an interview w/ Forever21 on wednesday! So please say a little prayer and wish me luck! Greatly appreciate it!.... xoxoxo jeanne ann

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wear your hair. Its style you never take off. -Frederic Fekkai

I love <3
LOVE LOVE LOVE curls ! wish i did it more often!

Personal beauty is a better introduction than any letter- Diogenes Laertius. Circa 200 A.D.

Organic and good for your skin?
Could life get any better?! ...why yes ! it just did!
There is a new FABULOUS line of organic and yummy skincare made all natural. Its name is "pure and true" organic beauty. The ingredients start wtih kukui nut oil, hibiscus, and even deep-sea water {in Hawaii}! This very talented and wise young lady, Michelle Garcia, is the face and the name behind this lovely line. To read more about what her yummalious line has to offer then feel free to visit the website and give it a try! I know i will! {click on the title of this article in order to visit the website!}

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Houston Fashion Show '09 Career Day

Chloe Dao {Project Runway Winner, Fashion Designer} ; me; an LA based Costume Designer and two of my friends!

These were few of the designs by the students: